Friday, May 01, 2009

ferocious in rebuff

i never good on writing. for me, im only good in giving the tittle or come out with a new now, i really dont know what to write, about what, what images that i want to upload; i mean i am really giddy and wobbly. 
since its been a long time i didnt post anything to my blog, so i decide to post something, something that is interesting(perhaps) and good to read(dont care abut others opinon).
well, now i am in examination week. customarily, students will stay in their room or house and study for their exam, have a group discussion, gigihkan diri to libray and try to focus to their study and bla,bla. but for me its totally atypical and bizarre.its TOTALLY bizarre ok. my friend and i (usually syahir la since he has a car) will lepaking, watching movies, shopping, chatting, and many more. study? i think its never. not really never, but we are born with intelligent and la, bila time study 2 study la kan. 
beside that, this coming tuesday is really scared me out. ada exam marketing communication, argh, i really dont know anything. what should i read, what part that i should focuses on and many more. i just wondering i cannot answer this paper. and i really hope that IM NOT ALONE.hehhe..jahat la aku, praying bad thing to others.
worried,worried,risau,risau, but i didnt start study yet, gebang je lebih.for those who can help me, please la help me..i realllllllllllllllllllllllllly need ur help.
for u guys information, i will go back on 11th may. even tough its pretty awal, but i already bought the ticket. hum, x sempat la nak bersuka ria ngan all my super mighty sturdy browny sporting friends. miss u guys a lot soon( half true).
i think, thats all from me today and enjoy youself.bye-bye.

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