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The MySpace Music Feed: Lady Gaga

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the fame monster deluxe pack


Billboard.com: We've spent the year tallying album sales figures and reviewing Hot 100 song rankings. Now, at the end of 2009's road, look back at the 20 artists who traveled further and faster up the charts than all the others. These stars were the best performers on the Hot 100 and the Billboard 200 over the course of the chart year.

3) Lady GaGa
The chart-topping hit-maker and headline-grabbing fashionista from New York became the first artist ever to send her first four singles to No. 1 on the Billboard Pop Songs chart. What's her secret? "A hit record writes itself," said the winner of the 2009 Billboard Rising Star award. "If you have to wait, maybe the song isn't there. Once you tap into the soul, the song begins to write itself. And I usually write the choruses first, because without a good chorus, who really gives a fuck?"

2009 Billboard Year End Charts
The most successful artists, songs and albums in the United States, based upon the Billboard magazine charts during the 2009 chart year.

Hot 100 Artists
1) Lady GaGa
2) Black Eyed Peas
3) Beyonce

Hot 100 Songs
1) Black Eyed Peas – Boom Boom Pow
2) Lady GaGa – Poker Face
3) Lady GaGa – Just Dance

Top Artists
1) Taylor Swift
2) Beyonce
3) Lady GaGa

The Billboard 200 Artists
1) Taylor Swift
2) Miley Cyrus
3) Beyonce

8) Lady GaGa

The Billboard 200
1) Taylor Swift – Fearless
2) Beyonce – I Am… Sasha Fierce
3) Nickelback – Dark Horse

8) Lady GaGa – The Fame

Hot Radio Songs
1) Taylor Swift – Love Story
2) Taylor Swift – You Belong With Me
3) Jason Mraz – I'm Yours

6) Lady GaGa – Just Dance
9) Lady GaGa – Poker Face

Hot Digital Songs Artists
1) Lady GaGa
2) Black Eyed Peas
3) Beyonce

Hot Digital Songs
1) Black Eyed Peas – Boom Boom Pow
2) Lady GaGa – Poker Face
3) Lady GaGa – Just Dance

Top Digital Album Artists
1) Michael Jackson
2) Kings Of Leon
3) Taylor Swift
4) Lady GaGa

Top Digital Albums
1) Twilight Soundtrack
2) Kings Of Leon – Only By The Night
3) Taylor Swift – Fearless
4) Lady GaGa – The Fame

Hot Pop Songs Artists
1) Lady GaGa
2) Black Eyed Peas
3) Beyonce

Hot Pop Songs
1) All-American Rejects – Gives You Hell
2) Lady GaGa – Just Dance
3) Black Eyed Peas – I Gotta Feeling
4) Lady GaGa – Poker Face

Hot Dance Club Play Artists
1) Beyonce
2) Lady GaGa
3) Solange

Top Dance/Electronic Artists
1) Lady GaGa
2) 3OH!3
3) Owl City

Top Dance/Electronic Albums
1) Lady GaGa – The Fame
2) Slumdog Millionaire Soundtrack
3) 3OH!3 – Want

European Hot 100 Singles
1) Lady GaGa – Poker Face
2) Katy Perry – Hot N Cold
3) David Guetta – Sexy Chick

European Top 100 Albums
1) Lady GaGa – The Fame
2) Kings Of Leon – Only By The Night
3) Pink – Funhouse

Canadian Hot 100 Artists
1) Lady GaGa
2) Black Eyed Peas
3) Beyonce

Canadian Hot 100 Songs
1) Black Eyed Peas – I Gotta Feeling
2) Lady GaGa – Poker Face
3) Flo Rida – Right Round

Top Canadian Albums
1) Nickelback – Dark Horse
2) Taylor Swift – Fearless
3) Lady GaGa – The Fame

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im currently at desaru johor...pics coming this weekend

Wednesday, December 09, 2009


Lady GaGa was spotted out and about in New York City last night. She treated herself to a swanky meal at the celebrity-popular Nobu restaurant along with some friends. Click the picture above to view the photos!

lady gaga on ELLE MAGAZINE

Transparent plastic veil top, Karl Lagerfeld, price upon request, visit karllagerfeld.com. Brief, Frederick’s of Hollywood, $22. Sunglasses, Linda Farrow Projects, price upon request.

Photo: Tom Munro; styled by: Joe Zee

Leather sandal jacket from the Artisanal collection, Maison Martin Margiela, price upon request, at Maison Martin Margiela, NYC. Panty, from Agent Provocateur, NYC.

Photo: Tom Munro; styled by: Joe Zee

Iridescent plastic dress, Jil Sander, $975, at Jil Sander Boutique, NYC. Tights, Falke, $38. Suede elevated platform shoes, Vivienne Westwood, $640.

Photo: Tom Munro; styled by: Joe Zee

On bodily reactions to stress: “I get all the symptoms of a pregnant woman. I get headaches, I get tired, I get blurred vision sometimes during a really intense session with [her creative team] the Haus.”

On a recurring theme in her work: “I feel that if I can show my demise artistically to the public, I can somehow cure my own legend. I can show you so you’re not looking for it. I’m dying for you on domestic television—here’s what it looks like, so no one has to wonder.”

On being a former waitress: “I was really good at it. I always got big tips. I always wore heels to work! I told everybody stories, and for customers on dates, I kept it romantic. It’s kind of like performing.”

On using her sexuality: “My album covers are not sexual at all, which was an issue at my record label. I fought for months, and I cried at meetings. They didn’t think the photos were commercial enough…The last thing a young woman needs is another picture of a sexy pop star writhing in sand, covered in grease, touching herself.”

On her romantic future: “In eight to 10 years, I want to have babies for my Dad to hold, grandkids. And I want to have a husband who loves and supports me, just the way anyone else does. I would never leave my career for a man right now, and I would never follow a man around.”

spotted in london..




*images taken from http://nicolaformichetti.blogspot.com/

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the plastics by lady gaga


images amazingly taken from http://nicolaformichetti.blogspot.com

lady gaga n queens at royal variety show!!

makan hati queen elizabeth.....sob..sob
sembah ratu!!!!!!!!!!

performing speechless


photos are taken from http://nicolaformichetti.blogspot.com

Monday, December 07, 2009

lady gaga at X factor

lady gaga wears outfit by gareth pugh

dancers wearing outfits by romain kremer